Streaming media technology is an exciting new application service which allows its users to broadcast different types of events in real time in different platforms. This involves using the internet to broadcast live or pre-recorded audio / video to the world. This technology is ideal for training events, expos and shows, product launches, and showing weddings and other special events to family around the world.

As live video streaming of an event is intrinsically associated with the reputation of an organization, you need to make everything possible to ensure a smooth running and a perfect finish. Zsenda is one of those few reputed streaming video companies in India who are extremely efficient in delivering on demand streaming video, content delivery and other live video streaming services for its clients at competitive rate.

Our media services are fast and simple to setup with encoding hardware tailored to your requirements is pre configured and managed 24x7x365 by a dedicated team of engineers.

Unique aspects of Zsenda streaming services

  • High quality video content delivery network
  • Massive scalability & Load Balanced Bandwidth
  • Customized Video Software Applications
  • Have a team of seasoned technicians and professionals