The occasion of India’s 67th Independence Day is the most appropriate time to look back in time on our country’s trials and triumphs over the years. Such momentous junctures invariably evoke mixed feelings of delight and disappointment as the journey has been of spectacular highs and dismal lows in the same breath.

ZSENDA also joined hands in conducting various activities among the zsendians at the corporate office here in Technopark on 14th August 2013 @ 3 pm, Trivandrum, Kerala. All zsendians across the domains enjoyed the event with equal happiness and unity. Freedom is just more than a word and a sentiment. It is the independence to do what you like at your will.

The events kickedoff by a speech by Mr. Shameer, stating that “Today is most certainly a day of happiness and pride for us. We are proud of our freedom. We are proud of our values and ideals. But we should also remember that it has taken the sacrifices of lakhs of Indians to bring us where we are today. Our wellbeing and progress have been built upon the foundation of the hard work and sacrifices of our freedom fighters, the brave jawans of our armed forces, our farmers, our workers and our scientists. India had witnessed major changes after every decade; Shameer said there was a need to build an environment of political stability, social cohesion and security. We are rapidly moving forward. We have faith in ourselves. We have political stability. We are gaining in economic strength. And most importantly, we have full confidence in our youth. They are our future. I am sure that they will take our country to a new glory”.

Followed by the speech of Mr. Shameer, there was an intellectual and motivational game – ” Warn up event” . The motto of the game was to identify how good is our own listening and intellectual skills. It was very interesting and all joined hands together for this game. Lot of cheers came from people who got out fast to motivate those who were inside the circle.

Next activity was “Quiz Program” which covered almost all areas related to our independence struggle. It also covered analytical and vocabulary questions . The event was conducted in teams . There was good rapport between the team members. The highest scoring teams were awarded .

Suddenly, the bell rang for the Tea break. All zsendians joined in the tea party and got energised to participate in the upcoming events .

Next event was ” 60 seconds speech”- It was a one to one game activity where all the zsendians took part. It was conducted by taking a topic from a lot and the have to talk only the positives of the topic. The aim was to motivate positive thinking among the team. Lot of funny topics were there and all took it in a spirit . We can visualize that lot of positive energy after this activity.

With this gained positive energy we moved on to the next event which was -” Name the animal “. One member from the each team was called and told an animal name. He / She has to act and the partner has to identify the animal. It was so interesting and lot of teams found difficult to identify the assigned animal.

The last one was “Juice event”. Each zsendians were given prefilled glasses and a straw with a hole .Those who emptied the glass in minimum time won the event. People initially found difficulty in finishing, but those cheers from the back were really supported them.

After, all the events were up well and the prize distribution was done by the Operations Manager of Middle East Technologies. And everything went well as another memorable event for all the zsendians. Cheers….








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