Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) enable the tracking of all kinds of mobile assets accurately and provide its real time positions to the owners on a 24 by 7 basis using the GPRS/GSM link. The latitude/longitude information of the mobile asset provided from GPS at a given time can be transmitted to any place using the GPRS radio link. The technology and the cost of implementing has come down drastically over the last few years making them very affordable to the general public.

The GPS/GSM/GPRS tracking technology can be applied to the following areas

  • Vehicle tracking to accomplish monitoring of speed, locationa & crash reporting
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery
  • Fleet Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Field Service Management

Typical Architecture

1. GPS Tracking Device/Unit: The Device placed into the vehicle and captures the GPS location information at regular intervals to a central server. Any other vehicle information can be include like fuel amount, engine temperature, altitude, Tyre pressure, battery status and a lot more.
2.GPS tracking Server: The tracking server has a responsibility of receiving data from the GPS tracking unit and securely storing it, and other of serving this information on demand to the user.
3. User interface: User interface determines how you will be able to access information. Zsenda Technologies providing web based and interfaces to both the PC and mobile devices.

Zsenda GPS Solution

Zsenda Technologies has extensive experience in developing the complete GPS/GPRS/GAM system including hardware, firmware, software, applications  using  advanced cloud based servers and latest web 2.0 technologies. We have been successfully implemented the Fleet Tracking and Mobile Gateway Communications that transmits real-time data from mobile devices to a gateway server over GPRS networks.