Tasty Nut Industries is a privately owned company with the purpose to export cashew nut kernels from India. For over a quarter of a century, Tasty Nut Industries has earned an image for product quality which has come to be the benchmark in global standards.

Having carried out cashew related transactions for a long time, the company is very familiar with cashew business and therefore they have accumulated an extensive experience and expertise in this kind of business – knowing the several types and species under which processed cashew nut kernels are graded and the systematic for commercialization of cashew nuts.


The quality product itself doesn’t mean it has a reach of the whole world. As to inform the world about the product and its quality, there really need a stylish, attractive and informative website for the purpose.

Zsenda managed Tasty Nut’s main concerns well. Created a fascinating design with quality images and made an easy way to trade.

The website that Zsenda designed and built for Tasty Nut is now considered a highly popular and successful online product information destination.

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