When the information is linked to the Internet and analyzed, it can make our world increasingly intelligent, instrumented and interconnected. To make these systems smarter, Zsenda Research collaborates across disciplines to address some of the world’s most complex problems and promising opportunities. Zsenda Labs is a playground where zsenda research team can play around with prototypes of some of our wild and crazy ideas and making the kind of discoveries that shape the future of business, government, academia and society. As the center of scientific excellence here at Zsenda!, we deliver both fundamental and applied scientific leadership, publish research and create new technologies that power our products. Zsenda engineers and researchers spend their spare time to develop their own ideas utilizing all of our research facilities provided by the Zsenda lab.The projects in Labs are intended to showcase some of our cool and wacky ideas but are not intended to be full-blown Zsenda products.

Zsenda Web 2.0 Innovation Labs

The Web 2.0 Lab brings the usability and Social Interaction Design, creation of web-oriented architectures and Mashup platforms and tools and assets for facilitating the Next Gen Web Technologies like Social software, semantic web and Rich Internet Application (RIA) platforms.

Zsenda content delivery Innovation Labs

The lab acts as a hub for the incubation of new ideas relating to IP-based technologies primarily in the content delivery of video and other rich media and the Digital Surveillance System domain based on Intelligent Video Analytics, STB, Media Streaming and IP Cameras

Zsenda Mobility Innovation Labs

Our Mobility Labs focuses on the themes of Mobile-based solutions for shopping, advertising, mobility, etc. It offers innovative solutions by leveraging high-end technologies, innovative approaches and processes to the mobility application development areas.