Consyst ICS is one of the Reliable Automation and Embedded Systems development company. With a short span of time after birth, provide vast solutions in their expertised fields Consyst ICS is a Valuable client to us.

Our Challenge

An architecture and implementation for the GPS module to interact with Server via GPRS for tracking vehicles. The vehicle owners could login to our application using internet browsers lo locate the just in position of their vehicles.

Zsenda Way

A solution with HTTP protcol to interact with server was designed and implemented. GPS Module transmits data in gap of 2 minutes to the server via GPRS. Data is saved and Processed by servers. The servers are deployed in Cloud Servers and offers very scalable and reliable service.

The Result

A Full fledged GPS GPRS Tracking solution where user can just install the device and the owners of vehicles can track their vehicles simply by logging to the application. View the history of their locations and timings