Cochin International Airport (CIAL) is one of the most heavy traffic international airports in India remained in the forefront of setting new models to other airports. It has got largest Center for Perishable Cargo (CPC) in India. Center for Perishable Cargo is designed to serve better quality processed foods, vegetables, fruits and seafood to the 2.5 million expatriates living in Asia, Europe and America. Designed with advanced technology facilities and be able to handle more than 25000 Mts. annually.


The challenge we faced was to implement a networked control for the application to the existing automation system for monitoring and operating of variables in the facilty. The users can interact with the application with simple user interface and the communication should be secure and reliable.


CIAL CPC-Automation

The existing automation system facilitate with Web Service module for controlling and monitoring. The technologies we had to use was HTML, javascript, and SOAP along with Java Applets.

The result

We designed web application which can interact with the existing web services of automation system securely and efficiently. And the intended users can control the whole system with ease and smoothness.