Our Health care Solutions focused on helping you to deliver high quality, seamless patient care across multiple sites with productivity boosting tools that help your busy clinicians keep pace and stay connected regardless of location.

We help our clients succeed by leveraging on our domain expertise and technology platforms along with our cost effective approach to global outsourcing. From community hospitals to large academic providers, we offer flexible web based IT solutions that can be tailored to your facility’s needs and budget. Zsenda experts have the know-how to address your challenges by translating emerging health care technology concepts into business benefits.

Our focus areas

  • Remote health monitoring
  • Hospital CRM initiatives
  • E-health initiatives
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Mobile Clinical Computing
  • Clinical Transformation

Why Zsenda Technologies ?

Our health care approach integrates the latest web technologies, cloud computing and the social media connects people to the right technology and processes to create information-driven health care and accelerate innovation.