Zsenda Technologies is the advanced supplier of web based IT Solutions to the education sector, helping schools or colleges to increase productivity and learning, maximize well-being, conform to regulatory and best-practice standards, and achieve cost savings and efficiency.

We are developing Management Solutions, specifically for education by utilizing the unlimited advantages of web 2.0 in the educational sector. Whatever combination of products you choose, you can be assured that you’re employing a tried and tested solution that will be tailored to your specific needs and can grow as your requirements grow.

Zsenda cloud computing solutions give better choice and flexibility to education IT departments. The platform and applications you use can be on premises, off premises, or a combination of both, depending on your academic organization’s needs

Key benefits to Educational Institutes

  • Web based IT solutions provide more enjoyable teaching and working environments
  • Information Management Services improve learning environments and classroom behaviour
  • Administrative cost savings and reduced workload on technical and teaching staff
  • Schedules Institute facilities like classrooms, labs, hostels etc

High Value Educational Service

We provide customised e-learning and education solutions to help your institutions to enhance your workforce performance and increase your customer satisfaction. We will transform the teaching and learning arena by equipping the students and teachers with web technology based educational skills. This in turn makes curriculum more interactive and interesting.

We recognize your unique requirements and constantly endeavour to exceed your expectations at all stages of development and after the implementation . We therefore focus not only in evolving our solutions and services with time, but also in nurturing an on-going client relationship to support you with the latest technological upgrades.