It was on a monday, in the evening, that happened, a very nice and delightful experience ever, in the sight of an outsider it was nothing but a road travel to a beach and a dinner party at night, but it was more than that for us.. do you know why?.. yes, it was our first company outing after the company been registered, yes, undoubtedly, from the pleasure of a new beginning, witnessed from a birth of a new star in the horizon of software industry, which pulled off a incredible dinner party with a unforgettable moments at the seashore.

We were 8 people, all my co-workers from zsenda team joined us in the pleasure. We started at 3.30pm from the company, in two cars, at first we went to the veli tourist village, a beautiful place with seashore inside, reached there by 4.30pm. Got the tickets and entered inside. Then ‘the crews’ started their bunk of junks.Some one tried to have ‘voyage’ in the speed boat.. but hearing the rates from them, they pulled back. Then walked towards the seashore.. on the way we could see some of ‘absurdities’ of kanayi kunjiraman standing with no shame.

We got a tennis ball with us and started the game, throws up it max and take catches. one among us started riding on a horse, he really spirited with the ride, I dont think its not becoz of the horse “manager’s” ad words to ‘trap’ the customers, but he got a very interest to ride, the drama went to real… different poses got snapped from the top of proud horse riding. Then after we went close to seashore and sat near to sea by spending with some “kathi’s”.. some people went to the waves to taste the play in the waves..

At last almost at 6.30pm, we packed up and directed for the dinner in the park rajadani. reached there by 7.10pm, but was not started the buffet yet.. so waited for some piece of time and thus got into the real race. ya, it was a starting of a race, almost a 50 items of food was there.. started from the starter.. then gone through the soups.. covered the vegetable region.. catches the non-veg dhamaaka.. fruit section got injured.. ice creams was flying.. up to the final whistle.. by 9.30pm we left from there..
ya I know, the above is only a small piece of cake from the experience of the outing, but it is in our heart that remains elaborated..

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